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Why bridge a wellness spa and medical spa?

Enhanced skincare


It’s quite simple actually, medicine can enhance our natural wellness.  We tend to think that “natural” automatically means the product is safe. In actuality, there are a lot of “natural” ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. We are not saying all “natural” ingredients are bad. There are certainly plenty of safe all natural products that we recommend professionally. However, there are also ingredients that are safely enhanced into a medical grade. Plant stem cells are grown in labs instead of picked from a farm. They are made up to 1,000 times stronger, and in turn, more beneficial for your skin. The product line you choose is key. The generic products that use “cheap” ingredients tend to harsh on the skin and cause “ free radicals” that attack your skin cells. The product lines we have chosen are formulated with only the safest most advanced ingredients that help fight free radicals.



Medical esthetics is a form of preventative skincare.  It is easier to start preventing fine lines and wrinkles then it is to reverse them. Most Medical Esthetic Treatments we offer utilize our own bodies’ amazing elements. For example, fillers are actually hyaluronic acid.  Our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid (HA). It is a natural glycosaminoglycan, and can be derived from many sources (i.e. natural foods, supplements and powders).  HA has the ability to hold moisture, therefore when injected in to the skin or applied topically it acts as a moisturizing agent.  It is so diverse that, when injected it fills in fine lines and wrinkles with moisture.  Going a step further, HA can adapt to climate change and humidity levels, allowing the skin to absorb as much as it needs. As an added benefit, if you no longer chose to have filler injections, they will absorb into the skin naturally.



Have you examined what a “Vampire Facial” (PRP - platelet repair plasma) does?  We’ve all seen the YouTube videos where Kim K (dear we say it) has had plasma smeared all over her face and it looks like a horror movie gone bad!  Let’s face it, that isn’t reality.  We’re actually tricking the skin into thinking it’s suffering a minor trauma.  The first step is using a relaxing numbing cream so that you are 100% comfortable. Next, we draw blood from your arm and extract the platelets. Then, using your own platelets, we use a micro needling pen to stimulate the skin and deeply absorb.. The brain then automatically sends collagen to the “affected area,” to repair the “damage” (Remember - in elementary school science class when then told us the body is a powerful complex machine?  Here is a great example on how the body heals itself.)  Then we separate the platelets from the plasma, and injected it back in the skin.  We’re using our own human growth hormones to stimulate collagen production! (WOW! The body is a beautiful machine)  We’ve just tricked it into thinking there was something wrong and instead we’re creating cell regeneration.



We take the same approach when it comes to our product line offerings. We receive facials and home care products to help preserve our natural skin health. Medical esthetics is getting deep down and taking care of regenerating the skin’s health from within.  Even our new Dermatology Grade skincare line, ZO Skin Health, is penetrating the skin to a molecular level. 



While we are very fortunate for the advancements that are now available to us, our goal at Citron is to bridge natural wellness with these scientific advancements. We work with you on the foundation of your health and wellbeing to achieve the outer results and beauty that are only present when the inner being is balanced. Stress reduction through massage, aromatherapy, quiet “me time”, exercise, and diet are all major factors in our approach to heal and grow your inner beauty and happiness first.



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