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Benefits of Microneedling



As we all know, the human body is pretty amazing! So, why wouldn’t we want to actively engage in helping to achieve younger, more youthful skin?



A good skin regime is very important, not just an at-home regime, but also receiving regular professional skin care treatments, by a Medical Spa practitioner.  One of the best “under the radar” treatments is microneedling.  An all-natural approach to collagen and elastic production.



We have all seen the “at-home rollers” that claim to help the production of collagen.  Although, with most “at-home skincare modilities”, it can be difficult to achieve the most optimal results.  That’s why we encourage everyone to find a knowledgeable Medical Esthetician, to help with achieving their skincare goals.



Our Medical Estheticians have found that microneedling, is the quickest and most effective way to achieve healthy glowing skin.  But what is microneedling exactly and why it’s so effective?  Our estheticians use a pen like wand containing fine needles, this will create an “injury” to the skin.  Meaning, these tiny needles are actually poking the skin’s surface.  This sends a signal to the brain that you’ve been injured and your body has to quickly start repairing itself.  



So how does the body repair these “injuries”?  While by producing more collagen and elastins, the tiny little molecules raise to the surface and fill in where the injury has taken place.  In effect giving us firmer, glowing, more even toned skin.  It will also help fill in those prisky fine lines and wrinkles (this is probably the best way to help with any anti-aging regime). As an extra bonus, micro needling also improves the appearance of scarring (i.e. surgical or acneic).  This procedure is the same, except now it’s breaking down old damaged tissue, and triggering new collagen to that specific area.  



Now giving all of these benefits we encourage all of guests to receive your microneedling treatment by a Medical Esthetican.  This will ensure you achieve the most optimal results in a safe sanitary environment. 



Lastly, another benefit is there is little to no down time required! There are no major side effects and the results are noticeable within a couple of days.  You could even have microneedling on your lunch hour and no one would notice, except maybe that you’re glowing! Quick, easy and ALL-NATURAL!



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