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5 Reasons to Keep Up with your Pedicure in the Winter

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It is only two weeks until Christmas! It is safe to say boot season is in full swing, our feet are rarely on display and pedicures become less of a priority. However, having just received a much needed pedicure in a festive bright red shade, I am reminded what a difference groomed, pretty feet can make to your overall happiness (it might not be logical, but I'm sure you know what I mean!).

So in lieu of the little things that keep us feeling great, I present to you five more very good reasons to keep up with your pedicures during non-sandal season:

1. It makes your life easier in the long run. During the colder months we are prone to dry, cracked skin that need extra care. Our feet get unbearably itchy and we lather up with multiple leg and foot creams trying to combat the problem. Although we do recommend at home scrubs and lotions to minimize the dryness, each week that passes without a professional filing and exfoliation leads to dead skin build up and calluses.(and who enjoys grated foot cheese!)

2. You feel like you've got it together when your at yoga, or Pilates, Bar Method or whatever barefoot workout you're into. (don't give anyone the satisfaction of judging your heavily chipped black toenail polish).

3. You feel sexy! Lets face it, no one (except your bf or husband) sees your sexy lingerie but you aren't going to feel too hot in granny panties or the old ones you have stashed for that special time of the month. Believe me, he will appreciate it too!

4. No more cringing when you take off tights or slip between fresh sheets and see patches of dry foot skin catch on the fabric. Nails on a chalkboard have got nothing on this troubling sensation.

5. The spa is a great place to escape and relax when the weather is crappy. Get a massage and a wax for that pretty lingerie while you're here!

How many of you keep up with your pedicure even during the crisp months? What motivates you?


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