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Rustic Nature meets Modern Science : New Cyto-Luxe Facial

cyto-luxe_copy2At Citron Spa rustic nature meets modern science. You can find this theme throughout our spa from the carefully combined treatments to the mix of "nature meets modern" decor including natural woods, crisp greens and modern fresh white. We are firm believers in the Ayurvedic Philosophy and the incredible benefits that nature has on your mind, body and soul combined with the results that can be achieved with carefully chosen cutting edge technology to create a total package of overall well being. We seek out product lines that incorporate the use of plant based ingredients and are pesticide and paraben free. Aveda, our main, all natural product line, containing plant and flower based skin care, body care and aromatherapy provides a gradual, holistic approach to beautiful skin. The Cyto-Luxe Line by glo therapeutics is our newest, plant based, clinical product line of medical-grade skincare known for their therapeutic ingredients, innovative technology and cutting edge science to more aggressively transform the skin.

Introducing: Cyto-luxe Facial by glo therapeutics

Glo therapeutics developed the Cyto-luxe Collection, originally a trio of products that address the main causes of aging skin. Well, that trio has expanded to over eight Cyto-luxe products from Cleansers to Body Lotion.

Utilizing the science of plant stem cell technology, the Cyto-luxe collection contains cells that promote skin firmness, hydration and protection. Plants have meristem, which are unspecialized cells that divide and generate new cells and tissues within the plant. Depending on the signal they receive, these cells can develop into whatever part of the plant needs to be replaced. It is important to note that these are completely safe ingredients. Our plant stem cells do not alter human stem cells.

Phytostem technology has developed the ability to inspire these cells to differentiate into the chosen plant active, which is useful for skin. There are multiple advantages to these types of actives-unlike botanical extracts, even standardized one, Phytostems are grown in a pure, completely sustainable environment and not exposed to contaminants like pesticides.
In addition to the unique actives present in each Phytostem, there are Phytosterois, amino acids and Polysaccharides in each Pytostem compound. These compounds aid in keeping skin smooth and hydrated and they encourage collagen production.

Cyto-luxe Cleanser– Centella Stems GX aids firming, toning and reducing wrinkles
Cyto-luxe Mask– Citrustem protects and renews the skin
Cyto-luxe Serum– Phytostem Gardenia smooths the appearance of wrinkles
Cyto-luxe Face Essence– Resistem helps skin build anti-again defense
Cyto-luxe Face Cream– Phytostem Buddleja stimulates collagen production
Cyto-luxe Eye Cream– Phytostem Leontopodium (Edelweiss) provides antioxidant protection
Cyto-luxe Body Lotion– Centella Stems GX aids firming, toning and reducing wrinkles

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