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Hot Stone Massage

Did you know?

Today's tradition of implementing Hot Stones into a massage originally began by Native Americans who used specific techniques with the stones in order to treat aching muscles and pains. This Hot Stone Massage that we offer today has been artfully mastered to duplicate the original experience.

Unsure about what to expect? Here are some relaxing details:

- Hot Stone Massage Therapy promotes deep muscle relaxation, while alleviating stress, pain and releasing toxins from the body.

- Man-Made Basalt Stones are used; they are made specifically to be smooth on the skin and able to retain heat.

- A Hot Stone Massage is ideal for any person who has found themselves to be suffering from muscular, joint and back pain.

- Using Hot Stones during a massage greatly helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

- The massage therapist will often use the Hot Stones as extensions of their own hands. They will also be placed on direct areas that you may be experiencing the most tension or pain. The warmed stones will lie comfortably and strategically on the skin for some time and removed once they are cooled.

And Remember... I'm always available to answer any questions you may have.
Feel free to e-mail me at citronspainfo@gmail.com


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