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Simple Tips to make your Mani-Pedi last this summer

In Summer especially, we all love to have our hands and toes perfectly prepped and ready to be seen.


Here is our own list of 5 easy tips you can do at home to ensure that your mani-pedi will last between your visits to the Spa...

1) Put a dab of Vaseline on each nail every night before going to bed in order to keep your cuticles hydrated. This will make a noticeable difference on your manicure, while also helping your nails to grow strong!


2) Always use rubber gloves when cleaning around your house. Even when doing to the dishes! They will help a great deal in the overall protection of your nails as well as the polish.


3) Be sure to pat your hands and feel down thoroughly after taking a shower or going in the pool. It's especially important to get between those toes in order to prevent fungal infection.


4) If filing your own nails, a clean metal file is best for personal use. Also, be sure to only file in one direction.


5) And last but not least, always moisturize! One of the best things about a Spa Mani-Pedi is the quality of the lotion used on both the hands and feet. Be sure to purchase your own to bring home with you and use throughout the day!




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