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Beauty Tip Wednesday

Is there anyone else who just adores this baby-doll soft look? This astonishingly beautiful technique can be recreated with just a few simple tricks and tips.



This picture helps a great deal, especially when all you can think is “Of course I want to look like that – but where do I start?”


But just in case you learn best with instructions...


After you've applied a light application of Concealer and or foundation, it’s time to play with those blushes, bronzers and highlighters.


I usually like to start with a light (not more than a shade darker than your skin tone) bronzer {C}, applied with a small brush, just gently sweeping from the center of the cheek, under the cheekbone and toward the earlobe. This gives a great effect on the shape of your face and really helps to show off those cheekbones!


For this look, a light peachy-pink shade is then applied (be sure to always choose the shade that’s best for your skin tone). 

Blush {B} looks best when applied directly on the plump “apple” of your cheek.


Follow this with a shimmery, shear highlighter {H}–just a swift application above the cheekbones, above and under the lips as well as down the bridge of your nose (some on your forehead is often a nice touch as well). Think of creating a t-shape along your entire face. And remember, if that time of the month has brought along some unwanted blemishes, it may be best to avoid the use of a highlighter, as they are used to accentuate an area.


A thin black line (Ireccommend a good gel eyeliner) applied just along your top lashes along with a nice coat of a lengthening mascara is ideal to complete this look.



We hope this helps and be sure to jot down any feedback you may have - We'd love to hear from you!


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