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The Benefits of Booking a Massage

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As if the soothing, relaxing experience isn’t enough. Both the short and long-term effects of a professional massage are endless! From anxiety and stress relief to the overall reduction of pain and muscle aches, massage is a necessary luxury that all people should take advantage of.


Whether you are an all-star athlete, a stay at home mom, or a professional do-nothinger… Everyone places unnecessary strain on their bodies throughout each day that can, in turn, require much attention.


The American Massage Therapy Association has found that massage actually helps to fight off viruses and even tumors! It increases the body’s natural killer T cells that in turn, boosts the immune system.


There are four standard types of massage that cater to your specific needs in your search for the perfect experience.



The Swedish Massage

This is a gentler type of massage during which a professional will focus on the entire body, paying attention to any areas of tension you may have.


The Deep Tissue Massage

This is a slower yet more forceful type of massage. The therapist will direct their attention to specific areas of difficulty as well. This is commonly used for different types of muscle damage from injuries and daily strain.


The Sport’s Massage

For those of you who participate in any strenuous physical activity – this is the massage for you! A therapist will work out the specific muscle groups that have grown tired and sore. Studies have shown that sports massages have helped to both relieve and prevent future injuries.


The Prenatal Massage

This massage is catered to women who are expecting. It is offered during all three trimesters. Studies have shown that prenatal massages reduces swelling, and nerve pain including back and join aches while also assisting in hormone regulation. Those who have taken part in prenatal massages have found an improvement in their sleep patterns as well as lowering their stress and anxiety levels.


The Hot Stone Massage

The hot stones are included in a Swedish massage-style experience in order to aide in relaxation. The heated natural stones are combined with the movement and pressure applied to the massage in order to provide effective healing therapy.


The Chakra Massage

The Chakra balancing massage is a deep tissue massage that is designed to assist in overall personal growth. A consultation prior to the massage will allow the professional to assist in which areas to focus on. This is geared toward emotional balance in the mind and inner being.


It is important to know the different types of massages in order to find the exact experience that will benefit you the most.



Good Luck in your search for the perfect massage for you!



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