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Spas Vs. Salons




It's fair to say that everyone has been to a spa or salon at some point in his or her lifetime. But when you are looking for a particular service or environment, which do you choose? Most people do not realize that there is a distinct difference between spas and salons. Both nurture similar needs at times, but in a different approach.


While spas and salons sometimes offer similar treatments, spas will offer treatments designed to promote wellness from the inner body to the outer, incorporating all six senses to make for a full body experience, while salons focus on the outer body, such as a hair style.


A salon is usually fast paced and designed to perform many quick, cosmetic treatments. A salon may offer limited partial body treatments alongside hair services, such as minor waxing. Salons are usually an open design, rather than private rooms, as the term salon literally means "a gathering of people".


A spa should offer a more focused experience, designed to allow for complete relaxation. The treatments available should be longer and effect the person as a whole. There should be plush accommodations and resting areas, along with snacks and beverages available. It is not uncommon to be offered an alcoholic beverage at a spa, since one will be there for longer treatments than a salon. Spas will have private rooms and offer full body services, such as massage, body wraps and multiple skincare treatments for the face and body. A spa may incorporate medical cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal to allow for a comfortable environment to recieve a contemporary, effective treatment. Spas may also offer multiple skincare products to allow the guest to choose or target a specific issue. 


There is also what is called a "retreat spa", which is meant for an all day relaxation experience. Retreat spas may have a pool, sauna or other large accommodations.


We at Citron have a modern day approach to our wellness sanctuary and medi spa. We realize that men and women lead very busy lives these days. We understand it has become difficult to find time to spend the day soaking in a hot tub or steaming in a sauna. We have made the spa experience just as enjoyable but in a simple and easy fashion, providing guests with a more convenient way to incorporate wellness into their lives on a regular basis. Here are a few examples of how Citron has made the spa life more attainable and sustainable:



1) Modern Boutique Layout- With two treatment rooms and a nail bar lounge, we cater to men and women who may only have time to stay for a facial, massage, laser treatment, body treatment or a mani/pedi at the nailbar (and maybe a complimentary mimosa in our relaxation lounge). The days of visiting spas with 12+ treatment rooms, spending the afternoon experiencing various treatments are out and beauty bars are in. Keep it simple is our motto.

2) Memberships- We believe the best way to achieve wellness is to incorporate it into our lives on a regular, routine basis (similar to a gym routine). Here at Citron we offer monthly memberships at a discounted rate, including additional spa benefits, making it easy for our guests to stay on track with their spa regime.

3) Simple and Easy Menu- Our 2-sided "sushi style" menu is a representation of our spa's easy feel. We value your time and  do not want you to get lost in endless pages of spa treatments that ultimately give similar results. We have narrowed down the top spa treatments to make it quick and easy for our guests to choose a yummy ,result oriented treatment.

4) We are true believers in Hydrotherapy- Although our spa does not facilitate a hot tub or sauna, we embody a soothing steam towel ritual, incorporating 8 steamed towels that still give you the same hydrotherapy benefits of a sauna or steam room, but that is more practical for the modern day men and women. 

5) Minimal, Nature Inspired Decor- A cluttered space calls for a cluttered mind. Our decor is designed to be simple and fresh feeling. We want our guests to feel renewed each time they visit Citron.


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Sun, April 15, 201811:32 am
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