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the latest no chip manicure options




We've all been there. You get a manicure and the next day it's already chipped and dull. Well good news, there are real options for you real women out there who need a polish that will take a beating.


1. Gel Polish: Gel polishes have been around for a while, but there have been quite a few advances in the technology. Gel polish goes on like a regular nail polish but cures under a special light to bond the color to the nail for a flawless finish, because of this special bond the polish will give you no chip wear for up to 2 weeks. This gel manicure will stay luminous and is actually completely dry by the end of your manicure service. So you can guarantee no smudges!


The best part is that this gel manicure can protect your nails from tearing, breaking, peeling, or snagging. CNDs SHELLAC, OPI's gel color, and Harmony's Gelish are all brands of gel polish. There are plenty of other brands as well, but there is one major difference between certain gel polishes to take in to account when choosing a spa to perform your service. Whether your spa uses a UV curing light or an LED curing light. Although UV lamps have been proven to cause little to no damage to your skin, LED lamps do not use UV light, which can be harmful in high doses.


At Citron spa we use an LED lamp not only for your safety but to reduce curing time, and be environmentally friendly. LED lamps are 50% faster which is great for touch ups or simply reducing service time. These lamps also use less energy and last longer. UV lamps only last around 1000 hours where as LED lamps last 50000 hours. Reducing the need to frequently change bulbs.


2.Hard Gel Clear Gloss:  We offer a hard gel top coat over any polish that will give you shine and durability. This top coat is usually used in hard gel nails. (Different from gel polish, these are sometimes referred to as fake nails, similar to acrylic but an advanced material.) This will extend polish wear up to 3 weeks. 


3.Vinylux: If you are intimidated to use gel polish, there is still a no chip option for you. A new polish line called Vinylux from CND offers week long wear, with out chipping. Patent pending Prolight technology creates a powerful network of cross linked polymer bonds that build resistance. This polish does not require a lamp to cure, only ambient lighting. So durability is increased with naturally light. Plus Vinylux can be removed with regular nail polish remover instead of an acetone soak which can be hard on your nails. This polish lets you change your color because you want to, not because you have to. So no matter what your needs are we will find a service that's right for you.  

All 3 of these options are available at Citron Spa, just ask!


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