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Importance of Spa Sanitation






We do so much to protect ourselves these days, especially when it comes to cleanliness. There are so many ways to do this and products out there to choose from.

So how do you know if your salon or spa is taking the right precautions and safety measures? Just ask! Take a tour of the environment, ask questions! You should be able to spot things that are out of place, for example: dusty shelves or floor boards, how tools are sanitized, cleanliness of waiting area, and service areas including pedicure sinks.

Here at Citron Spa, we want you to not only have a great service, but the cleanest and safest. We ensure that :

1. Linens and towels are changed between every facial, massage,waxing and nail treatment.

2. Floors are swept and steam cleaned on a daily basis.

3. There is NO double-dipping or cross contamination of product or wax.

4. Pedicure sinks are cycled through after EVERY guest using OPI's Spa complete, a hospital grade disinfectant that degreases, cleans and disinfects.

5. We thoroughly cleanse the sinks with barbicide to follow. All implements, towel cabbies and nail dryers are also sterilized using barbicide. Barbicide is a hospital grade disinfectant, germicide, psuedomonacide, fungicide and vericide. Barbicide kills the HIV-1 virus (AIDS virus) and kills Hepatitus B and Hepatitus C.

6. After the implements have gone through the barbicide cycle they are then placed into autoclave pouches and into a sterilizer.

Here at Citron, you can be sure you're getting the safest treatments possible. Always remember that person-person contact can spread illness too. Keep your hands especially clean by washing or sanitizing! Being clean comes first, always protect your health.


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